Child C.A.R.E. Act Introduced

This information is just in from our friends at Child Care Aware of America:

This week, Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), Congresswoman Lois Frankel (D-FL), and Congressman Joe Crowley (D-NY) will introduce the Child Care Access to Resources for Early-learning Act (the Child C.A.R.E. Act), which furthers the purposes of the Child Care and Development Block Grant reauthorization. This makes landmark investment in the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF), that helps families with young children afford high-quality child care.

Access to high-quality child care and early education not only promotes a child’s development, but it also helps support parents who are struggling to balance work and family. This legislation helps Americans meet the needs of their jobs and their families which ultimately strengthens the economy.

“In half of all states, a year of child care is more than a year of college tuition and in every state child care costs are higher than rent and mortgage payments for working parents,” Crowley said. “That’s a huge pill to swallow.”

Highlights from the legislation include:

Infants and toddlers. Families with infants and toddlers who are living at or below 200% of the Federal poverty level (FPL) will gain access to high-quality child care by FY 2021.

Child care providers. Payment rates will be set at a level high enough to support high-quality care for young children, and help infant and toddler providers in improving the quality of their programs by strengthening the skills of the workforce, and ensure that children receive comprehensive services by coordinating activities with other community service providers.

Increased Quality Child Care. This bill will provide the resources to help states implement the important safety and quality reforms signed into law through CCDBG in 2014, and support the expansion of access to quality child care programs staffed by early educators that can provide developmentally appropriate services that promote the healthy development and school readiness of young children.

Tribes. The Child C.A.R.E. Act will ensure that quality infant and toddler child care is a strong component of a continuum of quality early learning within states and tribes.

Take action today by sending a message to your legislator using Child Care Aware® of America’s pre-crafted messaging, asking him or her to co-sponsor the Child C.A.R.E. Act. And share about this bill on social media using the hashtags #ChildCareWorks and #InvestInKids.

For more information, read Child Care Aware’s blog post on The Child C.A.R.E. Act and the Child Care and Dependent Care Tax Credit Act (CDCTC).

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