2013 Proposed Senate Bills

Early Childhood Literacy Pilot Program (Senator Head): A two-year pilot program which establishes early childhood literacy program. Requirements include the division of family resources to establish, implement, and evaluate the program then report to legislative council regarding the program. Appropriates money from the build Indiana Fund.

National Criminal Background check for child care (Senator Holdman): The bill requires that any person whom volunteers, applies for, or existing employees of child care to undergo “national” criminal history background checks. The list of convictions for an individual is prohibited from being employed by or volunteering for child care ministry are amended. (This bill was introduced and prepared by the committee on child care).

Education Round Table (Senator Kruse): Allows education roundtable to recommend to the state board best practices and strategies for improving the services and support that is provided by school to: 1). Assist children in achieving academic performances according to grade level; and 2). Minimize the necessity for remedial course if the student attends postsecondary educational institution.

Child Care Ministry Advisory (Senator Kruse): Establish child care ministries advisory committee, required by the division of family resources. (introduced version of bill prepared by the committee on child care).

Definition of Child Care Ministry (Senator Kruse): Amends the definition of “child care ministry.” One year period where child care ministry that does not meet new definition make changes to continue operation as child care provider. (Introduced version was prepared by committee on child care).

Required Curriculum for CCDF (Senator Taylor): Required curriculum for any child care receiving Child Care and Development Fund as a condition for eligibility. (Introduced version was prepared by committee on child care).

Child Care Regulation (Senator Taylor): Specific requirements, required by child care provider in order to receive federal CCDF voucher payments. Sets disciplinary process for suspension or revocation of eligibility. Requires employees to obtain background checks. (Introduced version was prepared by committee on child care).

Reach Out and Read Indiana Program Funding: (Senator Breaux): $3,000,000 to Reach Out and Read Indiana to fund a program early childhood literacy by providing books to children in health care settings, period beginning
July 1,2013, ending June 30, 2015.
*Information taken from 2013 General Assembly Legislation*

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