Commitee on Child Care

After meeting from September 10, 2012-October 29, 2012, The Indiana General Assembly enacted legislation directing the Committee to consider the following:

– Study the system of child care regulations

– Report and make recommendations concerning child care regulations to the Legislative Council by October 31, 2013

The reasons for the meetings and studies were to further the following child care regulation purposes:

– Provide support for families in need of reliable, high quality child care

 – To encourage high quality child  care providers

– To provide and allow  many choices of child care for families, and allow families to determine their method oc child care

– To promote access to affordable and available child care for parents

– To encourage available federal funding for child care

The Committee’s study is to take consideration of the effects and regulations on families due to child care.  Another they must consider is encouragement of high quality child care.  Issues related to the child care workforce, job satisfaction, compensation, and the turnover rates, should be considered.  Models of child care, insurance of safety for children, parental rights, and any need for re-evaluation or refocusing of governmental agencies responsible for regulation of child care are in close consideration as well.

During the meetings the committee made some of the following recommendations:

– Formal recognition of Ministries Advisory Group

– Changes definition of “Child Care Ministry” and give ministries a year to comply with definition

– Make requirements that need to be met by child care providers specific as a condition to receive CCDF voucher payments

– Require child care program t use curriculum approved by Division Of Family Resources as condition for CCDF voucher payment

– Specify qualifications, health, and safety requirements for registration of ministries

– Require national criminal history background check to certain providers

– Specify requirements for eligibility to receive CCDF voucher

– Specify requirements that must be met by child care providers as condition to receive CCDF payments, which include discipline and background checks

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One response to “Commitee on Child Care

  1. 2 things concern me about this list:

    1. the lack of concern about the unlicensed illigally operated childcares. There are 6 in my neighborhood alone! They are not even concerned with the state, in fact the one RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO ME has been reported and no one ever came to investigate (her brother did the reporting). she has twice as many children as I do and all they do is watch tv and sit in high chairs all day. How can I compete with them? Why enforce more rules on me, a high quality childcare and not worry about those kids?

    2. The curricullum being mandated to come from a list for CCDF. I have been operating for 15 years, I have all the accredidations and am currently working on a degree. I have always had a curricullum, that I make. I have tried the monthly preschool in a box, I have done my research, I have read the books. I have developed a 5 year “living” curricullum for ages 0 to 6. I say living because every year I adjust or change things to suit the needs of my children. The state does not know what works for me or what my current childrens needs are. I don’t need the state to tell me what to use in my own business. I am a responsible, educated, professional that is completely competent enough to develop my own curricullum based on the foundations. Some people are worksheet lovers, I believe worksheets are wrong for this age group. I studied the different curricullum types, (i.e montiserrorie, themeatic ect). I pulled from and continue to pull from ALL resources to make the best curricullum.