Law Makers Tour Child Care Consider Tougher Regulations

As many have heard and read about the tragedy earlier this year, where the young toddler drowned in a ministry center.  Lawmakers have been touring child care centers, and feel that tougher regulations on child care ministries should be enforced.   

As the Committee on Child Care toured three centers including two ministries, which follow 20 standards.  Licensed Child Care facilities  follow 200 or more regulations.  Lawmakers are considering making ministries that receive federal funding comply to the same standards as licensed facilities.    One of the committee members response was, “If you want to run a facility your way,you can’t receive state money, we have an interest in making sure funds are invested in the state of Indiana.”

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One response to “Law Makers Tour Child Care Consider Tougher Regulations

  1. Annette Roddy

    amen—-I feel very strongly that ministry should have stiffer regulations and throw out the VCP rules. as you are well aware state licensed centers and homes go thru many pages of regulations