Interim Committe on Child Care Minutes from 9/19/2012 Meetin




David McKee

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Chris Baker, Fiscal Analyst for the Committee Ann Naughton, Attorney for the Committee

Authority: IC 12-17.2-3.3




Meeting Date: September 19, 2012

.Meeting Time: 1:00 P.M. Meeting Place: State House, 200 W. Washington St.,

Room 431 Meeting City: Indianapolis, Indiana Meeting Number:




Members Present: Sen. Travis Holdman, Chairman; Sen. Greg Taylor; Rep. Vanessa Summers; Tracie Wells; Melanie Brizzi; Mr. Carnes for Gregory N. Larkin, M.D.; Jim Greeson; Ms. Jones for Tony Bennett; Ms. Summers for Scott Sanders; David McKee.

Members Absent: Rep. Tim Wesco; Cinda Kelley.

Chairman Holdman called the first meeting of the Committee on Child Care (COCC) to order at

1:03 P.M. Chairman Holdman had the members in attendance introduce themselves and welcomed Senator Greg Taylor as a new member to the COCC”o

Chairman Holdman then set the remaining meetings for the interim for October 9, 2012, at 1:30 P.M., October 10, 2012, at 9:00 A.M., and October 29,2012, at 1:00 P.M.

Chairman Holdman informed the persons in attendance that the current meeting would see the COCC brought up to date by testimony required by state law from the FSSA Bureau of Child Care (BCC) and the child care advisory groups. He then recognized the following persons to testify.

Melanie Brizzi, Director, BCC, FSSA-Ms. Brizzi provided an update on the work of the BCC, including the Child Care


& Development Fund (CCDF) voucher program and the Paths to Quality (PTQ) program. She testified from her presentation (Exhibit A). During and following her testimony she answered several questions raised by Chairman Holdman, Mr. McKee, and others.



These minutes, exhibits, and other materials referenced in the minutes can be viewed electronically at Hard copies can be obtained in the Legislative Information Center in Room 230 of the State House in Indianapolis, Indiana. Requests for hard copies may be mailed to the Legislative Information Center, Legislative Services Agency, West Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204-2789. A fee of $0.15 per page and mailing costs will be charged for hard copies.



Q: What is the budget for PTQ compared to last year?



The budget was very similar to the prior year’s.

Q: What is the age range for a child to receive a voucher?



The range is from newborn to age 13. Ms. Brizzi continued that the age can be extended up to 18 for a child with special needs.

Q: How is the target reimbursement rate calculated?



The BCC conducts biannual market studies that are then used to calculate an average rate. She continued that the target reimbursement is set at 75% of that average. She continued also that the maximum rate can be determined based on the county, age of the child, and other factors.

Further questions were raised concerning the provider reimbursement system. Ms. Brizzi answered that the BCC tries to balance the rate of reimbursement for providers and having as many children served as possible. She continued that Indiana has a tiered reimbursement system and that PTQ members are reimbursed more than non-PTQ members. She said there is no difference on the level of reimbursement for tier two and tier three PTQ members. She said that the reimbursement rates are set by administrative action and must be justified based on federal guidelines for reimbursement. She described “overages,” where a provider can still charge above the voucher allowance. She said that the overage amount is the family’s responsibility. However, she continued, the provider can waive the overage if they choose.

Tracy Wells, member, asked what the building requirements were for fire safety with respect to the original intent of use.

State Fire Marshall Jim Greeson answered that the inspection is conducted based on the original intent of use for the building. [Therefore, if the building or area in the building is being used for something other than the original intent, it would be inspected on its original intent only.] He continued that if improvements had been made for other use, after construction, then it would be inspected according to the guidelines that apply to the improvements. The Fire Marshall concluded that there are different standards in law for inspections based on the date the building was built. He said there were no state fire prevention standards in law prior to 1976. He continued that buildings built before that year would not be required to be up to the standards of buildings built after 1976 so far as no improvements had been made tQ the building.

Senator Taylor asked a question concerning the thoroughness of background checks of staff members and that an employee would not have to submit to a national check.

Ms. Brizzi answered that was correct.

Senator Taylor said that an employee or owner of a childcare facility could have committed a crime in another state and would not show up in a limited criminal history check in Indiana.

Ms. Brizzi said that was correct; however, the BCC monitors childcare providers, and they are subject to the sex offender list and other checks as well.

Senator Taylor said that those are state-level checks only, as well.

Ms. Brizzi said it is difficult to accomplish checks, because the BCC cannot cite an unlicensed childcare facility. She also discussed the “care finder” application on the BCC’s website, where a parent can find complaints, reports, and other information about a particular provider.


Mr. McKee asked about the national accreditations accepted for childcare providers. Ms. Brizzi said several national accreditations are accepted. Chairman Holdman then asked Ms. Brizzi for an update on the complaint list for the next

meeting. He also asked what the number of deaths and injuries were. Ms. Brizzi provided the following statistics for CY 2012 through September 19.


Childcare Facility Type










Illegally Operated






Licensed Provider






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