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Members of Congress To Review Programs For Effectiveness– Accountability Matter

Tough decisions on the budget need to be made, but an across-the-board cut is no way to govern. Urge your Members of Congress to be leaders and find a way to reduce the deficit while maintaining high priorities for families with children. January’s across-the-board cut will not occur if Congress finds an alternative way to reduce the deficit.

Last week in Washington D.C., the New America Foundation held a forum entitled, “Speaking Up: What the Presidential Candidates Should be Saying about Child Care and Early Learning.” What have they said so far? Nothing! Read Child Care Aware® of America, national policy blog, and join in urging all candidates for all elected offices to call for affordable, quality child care!

Office of Management and Budget Report Reveals Deep Budget Cuts

In August of 2011, Congress reached an agreement to reduce the federal budget deficit by at least $1.2 trillion over the next 10 years. To keep the focus on the need to reduce the deficit, the August 2011 budget agreement called for an across-the-board cut (also known as a sequester) to occur in January 2013 in most federal programs unless a special committee found an alternative way to reduce the deficit. In general, the $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction is spread out over ten years with an annual cut of about $109 billion required. The report, released last month, reveals that child care would experience an 8.2% cut.

Census Bureau Poverty Data Released

On September 12, the United States Census Bureau released its annual report: Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States based on 2011 population information. The report shows that high poverty may be here to stay. While the recession has technically been over for a few years, poverty remains high – 15 percent compared to 15.1 percent a year ago. The poverty rate was 21.9 percent for children under 18, nearly the same as the all-time high of 22 percent seen in 2010. About one in four children under age 5 were living in poverty in 2011. For children under age 5 living with a single mother, 57.9 percent were living in poverty, compared to 12 percent of children living with married parents.


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