Toddler death at Unlicensed Registered Child Care Ministry

I want to respond to the reports that a Toddler drowned in a baptismal pool at a local Unlicensed Child Care Registered Ministry. This is a horrible tragedy that could have been prevented!

The staff at Child Care Answers works daily with child care providers training them and providing on site technical assistance to ensure that children are kept safe while their parents work or attend school. We have an Infant Toddler Specialists that is a free resource to child care providers who can provide specific training on issues related to infants and toddlers.

In Indiana Child Care Ministries are not required by law to be licensed, however we do have some who have volunteered to meet additional health and safety standards. Praise and Fellowship Assembly of God Church, the child care provider in this case, was an Unlicensed Registered Child Care Ministry.  Indiana’s Unlicensed Registered Child Care Ministries are not required to meet staff to child ratios nor are they regulated to meet specific group size requirements.   In addition, Unlicensed Registered Child Care Ministries do not have supervision requirements that they must meet. For an easy to read chart about the regulation requirements for the different types of child care in Indiana please visit this link:

 Several bills were introduced this legislative session and the last session that would have addressed some of the differences in regulations between the different types of child care in Indianabut they did not make it out of committee.  To read more about the legislative efforts for change please visit Child Care Answers’ LegislativeEducationCenter and the Indiana’s general assembly’s Interim Committee on Child Care’s page

 I know that this incident has left families scared and confused about leaving their children in child care.  Child Care Answers is here to help families with our free services during this troubled time. We have a team of specialists that can help families with their specific questions about child care and how to tell if a program is providing safe, quality care. We are only a phone call away; you can reach us at 317-631-4643. Parents can also find valuable tools on our website at

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One response to “Toddler death at Unlicensed Registered Child Care Ministry

  1. smallnmighty1

    this is why ALL childcares should be licensed, home and center. FSSA needs to do more to investigate unlicensed childcares. The home next to me has been operating for 5 years unlicensed and has more children than me. Just waiting for something to happen and dont say call, because I have and others have. They are told the state does not have the man power to investigate these claims. ridiculous, they have time to make more and more rules for me!. There are 4 unlicensed home providers all with more than 5 children unrelated living within 2 blocks of me. 2 of these have operated for over 15 years!