Indiana General Assembly Reconvenes Today

The 2012 General Assembly session begins today. With the deadline for proposed legislation quickly approaching several bills of interest have already been introduced.

Among them is SB#204, The Pre-Kindergarten Grant Program. The bill proposes a grant program within the bureau of child care to fund child care and pre-kindergarten for certain low-income families. To read the full bill go to

Another bill to watch is SB #126, Mandatory half-day kindergarten making half-day kindergarten mandatory for all children that are six years of age. The full bill information is available at

Also introduced is SB#0035, Definition of a Child Care Ministry. The bill  amends the definition of “child care ministry” to specify the grounds for the organization’s federal tax exemption and to require annual filing of supporting documentation with the division of family resources. Grandfathers organizations registered under the state law regulating child care ministries on January 1, 2011. To read the full proposed bill go to

We will update the blog as bills of interest are proposed and go into committees. Looking forward to an exciting legislative session!

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