The American Jobs Act

An email received from Every Child Matters about the American Jobs Act:


Three weeks ago we let you know about a comprehensive agenda to create jobs by Illinois Representative Jan Schakowsky. On Thursday, September 9th, President Barack Obama spoke to a joint session of Congress outlining his plan to create new jobs and address the employment crisis in the United States. The Every Child Matters Education Fund strongly supports jobs legislation that makes smart investments in the nation’s children.  The Americans Job Act will..

  • Prevent up to 280,000 teacher layoffs – keeping teachers in the classroom. The Americans Jobs Act invests $30 billion to help prevent up to 280,000 teacher layoffs.
  • Support summer and year-round jobs for youth. The Recovery Act passed in 2009 provided 367,000 summer job opportunities to young people, giving them their first paycheck and teaching them life-long employment skills. Building on this success, the American Jobs Act provides states with support for summer job programs for low-income youth in 2012, and will build on that success by supporting year-round employment for economically disadvantaged young adults.
  • Targeted Investments to Modernize Schools Serving Low-Income Students. The American Job Acts makes a $25 billion investment in school infrastructure that will modernize at least 35,000 public schools. This will create jobs by improving classrooms and upgrading our schools. Beyond emergency repair and renovation projects, this investment goes right into the classroom to build new science and computer labs and to upgrade technology. 40 percent, or $10 billion, will be directed towards the 100 largest high-need public school districts.

In addition, the American Jobs Act will provide payroll tax cuts for parents of children who have jobs and an extension in unemployment insurance for parents currently seeking work. Click here for more. The Every Child Matters Education Fund strongly supports the American Jobs Act and urges Congress to not only pass it, but to add provisions that will create more jobs to provide child care for parents re-entering the workforce. Click here to send this message to your member of Congress.

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