Advocacy Alert from NAEYC

Call President Obama: Hold Firm on Fair Budget and Protecting Children & Families


ALERT: President Obama Needs to Hear From YOU: A Fair Budget Protects Children and Families
June 28, 2011

Budget negotiations are heating up in Washington, DC and they have a very short timeline to resolve the budget situation that will cover several years. All of us will feel the impact of good or bad choices.

These budget negotiations could end up with only cuts—which would probably mean large cuts to basics like child care, Head Start, nutrition, other education programs, and health care—or it could be a fair approach that includes revenues and protects low and moderate income children and their families.

CALL TODAY AND TOMORROW! 1-888-245-0215 is a toll-free number to reach the White House Comment Line. Leave a recorded message.

President Obama, Hold Firm — 

  1. against harmful cuts to programs like child care, Head Start, Food Stamps, WIC, Medicaid, education, Pell Grants, and other supports that help low and moderate income families thrive and that put resources quickly back into the economy.
  2. for fair revenue raising to be part of the equation so that the burden of deficit reduction is not placed disproportionately on low and moderate income families with program cuts.

We should not put at greater risk vulnerable families and their children. We have already seen a rise in child poverty and family stress. An approach that looks only to cuts, which are likely to fall mainly on those investments such as child care, Head Start, Food Stamps, education, and health care, is harmful economic and social policy with impacts for years to come for all of us. 

Thank you for making the call. Please ask at least 5 other of your friends, colleagues, and family members to call too.


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