NACCRRA Background Check Campaign

In recognition of Father’s Day, it is time to let policymakers know that parents want children to be safe in child care.

Currently, there is no national safeguard to ensure that the more than 11 million children in child care are cared for by providers without a criminal record. The reality is, state audits have found:

  • In Illinois, the addresses of 90 child care providers matched those for sex offenders
  • In California, the addresses of 49 child care providers matched those for sex offenders (in just one county)
  •  In Kentucky, the addresses of 30 child care providers matched those for sex offenders

A comprehensive background check is the only way to ensure our children are in the care of people without a criminal background. A comprehensive check includes a fingerprint check against state and federal records, a check of the sex offender registry and the child abuse registry.

Only 17 states check the sex offender registry! That’s just wrong! In some cases, convicted felons are receiving taxpayer dollars to provide child care. That makes no sense! Legislation is pending that would require child care provider background checks to make sure your children are safe. But, Congress needs to pass the bill!

 Sign this petition to Congress today to urge Members of Congress to pass the background check bill. Visit our background check campaign for easy steps to take to help keep children in child care safe. In recognition of Father’s Day, let policymakers hear from you about common sense steps to protect children! Take action today!

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