State Legislative Updates from MCCOY

 SEA1 Teacher evaluations and licensing (Kruse) – an amendment was added late in the session that:

  • Defines “attend” for the purposes of the compulsory school attendance law
  • Clarifies excused vs. unexcused absences in school policies
  • Requires a school to report a habitually absent child to the juvenile court –or- the Department of Child Services

SEA4 Suicide prevention training for school personnel (Miller) – includes suicide prevention training for teachers and school personnel as an in-service course; requires that the Division of Mental Health and Addiction provide information on evidence-based programs to schools; provides that after June 30, 2013, all teachers applying for licenses must be trained in suicide prevention.

SEA85 Education issues study committee (Leising) – establishes an interim study committee to examine: the causes of low graduation rates; best practices related to improving graduation rates; the impact of school counselors, teachers, school administrators and parents on graduation rates; and any other relevant issues determined by the committee. 

SB497 Higher education scholarship(Kruse) – in budget – “Mitch Daniels Early Graduation Scholarship” – provides a $4,000 scholarship for high school students who graduate a year early to apply to post-secondary education.

HEA1002 Charter Schools(Bosma) – expands the list of organizations that can sponsor a charter school; provides that only 90% of teachers in a charter school must be licensed; establishes the Charter School Facilities Assistance Program and Fund; allows charter schools to lease or buy unused public school buildings, and expands the accountability measures for charter schools.

HEA1003 School scholarships(Behning) – provides a $1,000 tax deduction for parents who send their children to private school or who homeschool; provides up to 90% of state tuition support (max. $4,500 for K-8 grades) for families whose income is not greater than 150% of the eligibility for the free and reduced lunch program.

HEA1083 Various criminal law matters (Crouch) – provides that schools may offer training related to the risks of “sexting” and adds that schools must include prohibitions against cyberbullying in their anti-bullying policies.

HEA1107 Preventative programs for at-risk children (Richardson) – defines the term “at-risk child” and provides that a juvenile court may create a voluntary preventative program for at-risk children as a diversion alternative.

 Adopted Resolutions:

SR76 Minority prenatal health care (Breaux)  – A SENATE RESOLUTION urging the Indiana General Assembly to assign to the Health Finance Commission the subject of minority prenatal health care issues, including inconsistent data collection and infant mortality.

SR 0084 Internet child protection registry (Head) – A SENATE RESOLUTION urging the legislative council to establish an interim study committee to study the issues regarding a child protection registry.

 SR 0101 Supporting Indiana’s out-of-school time programs (Kruse) – A SENATE RESOLUTION supporting Indiana’s out-of-school time programs, and the positive impact of Indiana’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers.

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