House Budget Abandons Children!

 While final decisions for the remainder of FY2011 have not yet made, this week House Budget Committee Chairman Ryan proposed a budget resolution for FY2012 (which begins in October).  The budget resolution is important because it’s a blueprint for Congressional committees to follow in making spending decisions on programs for next year.

House Budget Committee Chairman Ryan’s budget resolution is a fundamental shift in priorities for the American public.  The Chairman’s budget measure cuts taxes for the wealthy by $700 billion over the next 10 years and pays for it by cutting children’s health care, family food assistance, and just about every other federal program helping families with children.

The House of Representatives may consider the Chairman’s budget resolution the week of April 11. If the Chairman’s budget resolution were to pass, it is likely that there would be very deep cuts in child care and early childhood programs (in addition to many other categories of spending from children’s health care to education).

Take Action!  It is important that House Members hear from you as soon as possible.  Ask them to oppose the Ryan budget resolution which cuts funding for programs helping families with children (like child care and education).  Tell them that you oppose tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of everyone else. Now is not the time for $700 billion more in tax cuts, which would be paid for by cutting children’s health care, family food assistance, and early childhood programs. Enough already, send an email today by clicking here!

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